PCB copper balance design and layout

How to understand PCB Copper balance in PCB fabrication

A symmetric copper distribution (copper balance) on the circuit board is very important, because asymmetric copperleads to bow and twist effects in PCB fabrication process,and finally will affect the soldering quality of components in PCB assembly process. This warping of the form is caused by thermal loads in the circuit board, such as those caused … Continued


Molding Injection

Advantages Of Plastic Injection Molding

We have thousands of different types of plastic available for you to choose from, for a wide range of mechanical and cosmetic properties.


PCB Layout Service

PCB Design division will work with your team throughout the entire process to quickly and efficiently deliver quality designs.


PCB Assembly Services

Whilst we work on a wide variety of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) types, we are particularly well known for delivering PCBA services for low and medium volume, high mix products on a global basis, to a wide variety of customer markets.

pcb manufacturing

PCB Fabrication

Used for static charge dispelling in communications, electronic and microelectronic
manufacturing/assembly industries.Recommend distance (To working surface): 12~36 in。

Electromechanical Assembly

Our aim is to take the hassle of manufacturing away from those customers that are sourcing complete products or sub-assemblies from us. Our Electromechanical Assembly service is truly unique and you can benefit from a fully integrated solution that is flexible to your needs.