pcb trace width calculator


WHAT IS A PCB TRACE WIDTH CALCULATOR? While you start a PCB design, this PCB trace calculator will help you to get the copper weight and circuit trace width. You can use our calculator to determine various printed circuit board trace components, such as trace temperature, maximum current, resistance, voltage drop and power dissipation. You … Continued

Coplanar Waveguide PCB Design

What is Coplanar Waveguide PCB Fabrication

Coplanar Waveguide is a type of PCB Impedance When it come to talk about PCB impedance, often it refer to talk single-end impedance,differential impedance.There is another type of impedance called co-planar impedance. What is co-planar impedance It is the impedance measured from signal track when it transmit the signals between GND and VCC zone. What … Continued


How to generate pick and place file from altium file

WellerPCB as a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer and your offshore PCB Manufacturer has several years of experience successfully manufacturing PCB’s that are RoHS compliant and are compliant with lead-free assembly. We offer a variety of laminate and surface finish options.

Electronics and software design in Canada

Venture Founded in Edmonton, we have a Canadian team that works in close communication with clients to manage projects from start to finish. This provides a distinct advantage over exclusively Asian based manufacturers. In the same way, we tap into the Asian electronics market for world-class design and manufacturing expertise yielding a well rounded team … Continued

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