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Coplanar Waveguide PCB Design

What is Coplanar Waveguide PCB Fabrication

Coplanar Waveguide is a type of PCB Impedance When it come to talk about PCB impedance, often it refer to talk single-end impedance,differential impedance.There is another type of impedance called co-planar impedance. What is co-planar impedance It is the impedance measured from signal track when it transmit the signals between GND and VCC zone. What … Continued


How to generate pick and place file from altium file

WellerPCB as a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer and your offshore PCB Manufacturer has several years of experience successfully manufacturing PCB’s that are RoHS compliant and are compliant with lead-free assembly. We offer a variety of laminate and surface finish options.

Electronics and software design in Canada

Venture Founded in Edmonton, we have a Canadian team that works in close communication with clients to manage projects from start to finish. This provides a distinct advantage over exclusively Asian based manufacturers. In the same way, we tap into the Asian electronics market for world-class design and manufacturing expertise yielding a well rounded team … Continued