What is the PCB thermal dissipation and how to optimize it?

PCB thermal dissipation so important to make it’s electrical device works properly,but how to make the PCB more dexterous? (The electrical energy consumed by electronic equipment during operation, such as radio frequency power amplifiers, FPGA chips, and power products, some of is working needed, but most of which is converted into heat and dissipated) 1. … Continued


The difference of PCB Back Drilling and Controlled Depth Drilling

What is back drilling or controlled depth drilling in PCB? PCB Back drilling is one of the special controlled depth drilling (NPTH) in the loop of PCB manufacturing process. Normally, there will be various challenges in engineering and production when it comes to PCB design and printed circuit board manufacturing and one of them is … Continued

Via in Pad Manufacturing Process

Via in Pad PCB Design

Via in pad is the design practice of placing a via in the copper landing pad of a component. Compared to standard PCB via routing, via in pad allows a design to use smaller component pitch sizes and further reduce the PCBs overall size. With component manufactures pushing smaller parts every year and the demand … Continued


What is the PCB trace impedance,and how to calculate it?

PCB trace impedance is the sum of all the resistance and reactance components of an electrical signal path. An ideal transmission line must have a characteristic impedance that matches both the transmitter and receiver of the intended signal. If the characteristic impedance of the matched transmission line is faithfully maintained, then the full signal sent … Continued


What is high Tg PCB (printed circuit board)

What is high Tg PCB (printed circuit board) TG’s meaning in PCB specification is glass-transition temperature, which is an important character of the PCB base material. In recent years, there are more and more customers requesting to manufacture PCB with high Tg. In the following we would like to describe what is high Tg PCB … Continued

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