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About PCB manufacturing basic knowledge

What is PCB PCB is short for Printed Circuit Board,also called for Printed Wire Board, which is the core component of an electronicproduct,it is the basic support body for electronic components,and a provider of electrical connections for electronic components. As the circuits and the the relative pattern (soldermask and silkscreen) generated and transferred to the … Continued

What is the difference between IPC-6012, IPC-A-600, and IPC-A-610?

Specifically, both specification of the IPC-A-6012 and the IPC-A-600 are guiding documents made for the bare printed circuit boards. IPC-A-600: is a specification and document for the inspection criteria of PCB, which is a the visual representation of the IPC-A-6012 document. IPC-A-6012: is a guiding document for the PCB manufacturing process. IPC-A-610: is a guiding document for the acceptability of … Continued

Everything you need to know about PCB assembly conformal coating

A conformal coating is a type of thin polymeric film applied to a PCB (printed circuit board) by machine or by manual in order to have the electronic PCB boards and its components to be protected from the environment and corrosion. Normally, the film is applied at typical thickness of 25-250µm and ‘conforms’ to the shape of … Continued

Box Building Assembly

Weller Technology’s mechanical assembly work initially consisted of adding low-mid volume items such as brackets & panels to the printed circuit board assemblies that we manufactured. At Weller we have the necessary equipment, technicians and machinists to accommodate the most complex and costumed assemblies. Customer can expect convenience and collaboration as their order is processed, … Continued

Something about PCB assembly process and what you should know

Within any simple electronic devices we used nowadays, there is a PCB (printed circuit board) drive it to run. The PCB is the core component of the electronic devices, whether it is a consume product such as battery charger, the communication equipment such as mobile phone, or transportation tool such as vehicle, even it is … Continued

Must knows to heavy copper PCB and it’s manufacturers

What is the heavy copper PCB Usually, when out-layers or inner-layers of any printed circuit board are specified to use ≥2oz base copper foil, we call it heavy copper PCB (or thick copper PCB board). For final finished copper thickness (means base copper + plating copper) we normally follow customers’ requirements to do.But,if no specific … Continued

How to design couple of different PCBs in one panel

Optimize the global manufacturing cost of PCB and PCBA prototypes When it comes to start a PCB design for prototypes, Most circuit board designers like to put various PCBs (the same layer count and stack up but with difference in size, shape etc) into one panel to optimize the cost in the PCB fabrication and … Continued

Two options of potting epoxy resin to PCB assembly devices.

WellerPCB as a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer and your offshore PCB Manufacturer has several years of experience successfully manufacturing PCB’s that are RoHS compliant and are compliant with lead-free assembly. We offer a variety of laminate and surface finish options.

Standard 16 layer PCB stackup options

Our standard 16L layers stackup is the most common options selected by most PCB designers. The standard 16 layer stackup can be utilized in most applications for multilayer PCB board. As the standard options, you can get a variable 16 layer stack up from Weller’s engineering suggestion, which is defined by following with 3 options … Continued