Key PCB Equipment

Not all PCB manufacturers can make good quality PCB boards for you.A good production environment plus advanced equipment is a premise of good PCB circuit board manufacturing. Weler have learned “5s” for our management system since 2003 and contentiously equipped multi-automatic manufacturing equipment to meet capable of manufacturing high quality and high technology PCB fabrication.


Design references for flex circuit stiffeners

Most expereneced PCB designers are expert in rigid PCB design but not good at flex PCB design, such as stiffeners for flex circuit board. Firstly, the PCB designers should have complete knowledge about stiffeners, such as:What is the flex PCB stiffenersThe purpose of stiffenersStiffener’s common usage application How to correctly design stiffeners for flex PCB … Continued

Flex printed circuit board assembly


Most of new PCB designers have questions and confusion on the stiffener on the Flex PCB design,today let’s talk about more about the flex circuits stiffeners. What is flex circuits Stiffeners? Stiffeners are materials which added to a flex circuit to rigidize some particular areas on the flex PCB board.Normally Rigidizing is recommended under SMT … Continued


Plastic Injection Molding: The Cooling Rate Process Explained

WellerPCB as a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer and your offshore PCB Manufacturer has several years of experience successfully manufacturing PCB’s that are RoHS compliant and are compliant with lead-free assembly. We offer a variety of laminate and surface finish options.

Rigid PCB manufacturing capability

PCB Raw Material Item Standard Advanced FR4 Standard Tg Shengyi, ITEQ, KB, Nanya Shengyi, ITEQ, KB, Nanya FR4 Mid Tg (Lead Free Compatible) Shengyi S1000, ITEQ IT158 Shengyi S1000, ITEQ IT158 FR4 High Tg (Lead Free Compatible) Shengyi S1000‐2, S1170 EMC EM827 Isola 370HR ITEQ IT180A Panasonic R1755V Shengyi S1000‐2, S1170 EMC EM827 Isola 370HR … Continued

PCB Assembly AOI

PCB Assembly AOI

Automatic Optical Inspection Automated Optical Inspection, also called Automatic Optical Inspection, abbreviated as AOI, is well responsible for quality control in terms of both Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication and PCB Assembly. AOI system will identify the following types of unacceptable deviations: Wrong components Twisted/turned components Tombstoning” (where the component is situated like a tombstone) … Continued

PCB Assembly X-Ray

PCB Assembly Automatic X-Ray Inspection WellerPCB has been striving for providing high-quality PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly for clients from all over the world at competitive prices since our establishment. Due to the development of Surface Mount Technology and increasing complexities of electronic products, high-density and small PCBs account for the majority. As a main … Continued

Altium File

How to Export Gerber files from Altium PCB files As Altium designer software is popularly used by most of PCB designers, but it normally originally work for .PCBDOC files not original PCB Gerber files which is exactly useful to PCB manufacturer, this page is introducing how to generate PCB Gerber file from Altium designer PCB … Continued

Eagle File

How To Create PCB Gerber files from Eagle files In this Gerber tutorial, we will introduce how to create the files you need for a 2-layer board using Cadsoft Eagle. After you have completed this tutorial you will have all the necessary files needed to send to us for your PCB manufacturing. Step 1: Open … Continued

Protel File

How to convert the PCB Protel into PCB Gerber file. Operation steps 1.Open your PCB design files on Protel software, check the integrity of the files. Here used an example .PCB file as an example. 2.Find the menu “File”, select to “New” option. Then left-click it. 3.The “New Document” page will be occur. In “New … Continued