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Six Basic Principles of PCB Design

1. Principle One: Avoid Vias too Close to the SMT Pads If the via without oil plug hole, we will punch the via too close to the SMT pad during layout, which will cause the solder to flow through the via to the other side of the PCB during the reflow of the SMT pad … Continued

How to choose surface treatment process for PCB

How to choose surface treatment process for PCB between HASL, gold plating and immersion gold. The choice of surface treatment process depends mainly on the type of component that is finally assembled. And the surface treatment process will affect the production, assembly and end use of the PCB Surface treatment purpose The most basic purpose … Continued

Tips of multi-layer PCB impedance line routing

The meaning of PCB impedance ? The meaning of PCB impedance ? PCB impedance is the combination of the capacitance and inductance of a circuit when operated at high frequency. Though also measured in Ohms, it is somewhat different than resistance which is a DC characteristic. Impedance is an AC characteristic, meaning that it is … Continued