Artificial Intelligence in Electronics Manufacturing: How AI is Revolutionizing the Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the electronics manufacturing industry by providing new ways to optimize production processes, reduce costs, and improve product quality. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data from sensors, machines, and other sources to identify patterns and insights that can help manufacturers improve their operations. This article explores the role of … Continued

PCB Assembly Company

How to Choose a PCB Assembly Company

The right choice of a printed circuit board manufacturer can make or break the required function and quality of a PCB assembly. Read on to discover vital points on how to choose a PCB assembly company. Introduction The culmination of the PCB manufacturing process is in the execution of the PCB assembly. This is the … Continued

PCB wave soldering assembly process

What Is Wave Soldering PCB Assembly

What Is Wave Soldering? Wave soldering is a classic THT soldering process used for mass PCB assembly production containing through-hole-technology components. In this in-line process, a printed circuit board is passed through a wave solder machine with the solder material pre-loaded in, and the machine controls the height of the standing molten solder wave as … Continued

Everything you need to know about PCB assembly conformal coating

A conformal coating is a type of thin polymeric film applied to a PCB (printed circuit board) by machine or by manual in order to have the electronic PCB boards and its components to be protected from the environment and corrosion. Normally, the film is applied at typical thickness of 25-250µm and ‘conforms’ to the shape of … Continued


Something about PCB assembly process and what you should know

Within any simple electronic devices we used nowadays, there is a PCB (printed circuit board) drive it to run. The PCB is the core component of the electronic devices, whether it is a consume product such as battery charger, the communication equipment such as mobile phone, or transportation tool such as vehicle, even it is … Continued

Encapsulation and PCB Assembly Potting Services

Two options of potting epoxy resin to PCB assembly devices.

WellerPCB as a China Printed Circuit Board manufacturer and your offshore PCB Manufacturer has several years of experience successfully manufacturing PCB’s that are RoHS compliant and are compliant with lead-free assembly. We offer a variety of laminate and surface finish options.

Bill of Materials for PCB assembly

How to create an effective PCB assembly BOM file

BOM file is one of necessary documents for PCB board assembly process, except other documents like PCB Gerber file, Pick and Place file, silkscreen file. For PCB designer, it is very important to create an effective BOM file to save time for PCB assembly house to make correct quotation for components and improve efficiency in … Continued


Some factors affecting SMT soldering quality and solutions

Background The quality of SMT soldering has a great impact on the life of any electronic product, and there are many reason of SMT soldering quality that are actually affected in the production process.The following are some main factors affecting SMT soldering quality. 1-BOM preparation As one of the most important composite materials in SMT, … Continued

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