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Embedded Copper coin and RFI Metal Backed PCB

Thermal management is very crucial in PCB design to transmit the heat of the PCB board with some critical high power components assembled. The four methods of thermal management 1. Thermal Vias,They can be mechanically drilled blind or through vias. 2. Laser, stacked micro-Vias, become more common, especially with low i/o pitch components. 3. Coppr … Continued

The stackup for 90 ohms impedance for USB

More and more PCB designers are interested in impedance track for USB circuit board of 90 ohm impedance. For 90 ohm impedance, there are two options of circuit track to get that: One option is to get 90ohm impedance by single-end impedance track, with stack up as below: The other option is by differential impedance … Continued

Six Basic Principles of PCB Design

1. Principle One: Avoid Vias too Close to the SMT Pads If the via without oil plug hole, we will punch the via too close to the SMT pad during layout, which will cause the solder to flow through the via to the other side of the PCB during the reflow of the SMT pad … Continued

Importance of Design Rule Check For PCB Manufacturing

The DRC (design rule check) is an in-depth review of your PCB fabrication data, which is carried out by our experienced CAM station engineers before production of your circuit boards even begins. The DRC is an extremely important step in circuit board manufacturing. The customer’s data are verified for manufacturability and for observance of required … Continued

What is Coplanar Waveguide PCB Fabrication

Coplanar Waveguide is a type of PCB Impedance When it come to talk about PCB impedance, often it refer to talk single-end impedance,differential impedance.There is another type of impedance called co-planar impedance. What is co-planar impedance It is the impedance measured from signal track when it transmit the signals between GND and VCC zone. What … Continued

Some factors affecting SMT soldering quality and solutions

Background The quality of SMT soldering has a great impact on the life of any electronic product, and there are many reason of SMT soldering quality that are actually affected in the production process.The following are some main factors affecting SMT soldering quality. 1-BOM preparation As one of the most important composite materials in SMT, … Continued

Via in Pad PCB Design

Via in pad is the design practice of placing a via in the copper landing pad of a component. Compared to standard PCB via routing, via in pad allows a design to use smaller component pitch sizes and further reduce the PCBs overall size. With component manufactures pushing smaller parts every year and the demand … Continued

What is HDI PCB,and it’s advantage?

Nowadays the digital world is getting simpler and simpler. Your phone is getting smarter and your computer is no longer heavy.You can work on your laptop and keep your business running while you board a flight. You can also watch your favorite action movie on your smartphone, or you can just plug in your wireless … Continued

How to make copper coin embedded PCB

1. The preface of copper coin embedded PCB Today in electronics industry filed, The power of the electronics is more and more higher than before, but the body size of the product is much smaller accordingly, which is a huge challenge to electronics. Copper coin embedded PCB is a popular design of solution to high … Continued

Notes to aluminum PCB design

What is aluminum PCB Aluminum PCB is a type of circuit board with PCB base material as aluminum substrate, which consists of a dielectric metal base with a bonded copper circuit layer to create superior heat transfer to help cool components while eliminating. The application of aluminum PCB Aluminum Backed PCBs are popular in applications … Continued