PCB with Embedded Copper Coin technology

What is the PCB embedded copper coin. The PCB embedded copper coin is the copper coin embedded in the PCB Cavity or slot after routing and metalized when finished PCB lamination. PCB and it’s copper coin tightly connected. The purpose of using PCB copper coin embedded technology. The traditional way to dissipate heat in a … Continued

PCB Via-in-Pad

What is the VIA-in-PAD? When it comes to PCB design or PCB fabrication,Via In Pad is a special design technology to increase PCB density, to allows higher PCB component density(Especially in BGA area and SMT IC area). Many designers like to use via in pad to significantly save board space. How to achieve the quality of … Continued

PCB Base Material

PCB Base Material

Selecting the surface finish and getting the design optimised are important steps in ensuring that your product performs well, but is that the end of the process? No, you also have to ensure that the material specified is available within the factory and that the factory is UL approved to support such materials.

PCB Surface Finishes

A surface finish can be either organic or metallic in nature. Comparing both types and all available options can quickly demonstrate the relative benefits or drawbacks. Typically, the decisive factors when it comes to selecting the most suitable finish is the end application, the PCB assembly process and the design of the PCB itself. Below … Continued

PCB software

PCB Software

Altium File Altium Designer is a Printed Circuit Board and electronic design automation software package,which is widely used by electron designer and PCB manufacturer. It is developed by Australian software company Altium Limited,who developed another brand of PCB design software Protel. It is a powerful integrated electronic design software no matter what demand you need: … Continued

Altium File

How to Export Gerber files from Altium PCB files As Altium designer software is popularly used by most of PCB designers, but it normally originally work for .PCBDOC files not original PCB Gerber files which is exactly useful to PCB manufacturer, this page is introducing how to generate PCB Gerber file from Altium designer PCB … Continued

Eagle File

How To Create PCB Gerber files from Eagle files In this Gerber tutorial, we will introduce how to create the files you need for a 2-layer board using Cadsoft Eagle. After you have completed this tutorial you will have all the necessary files needed to send to us for your PCB manufacturing. Step 1: Open … Continued

Protel File

How to convert the PCB Protel into PCB Gerber file. Operation steps 1.Open your PCB design files on Protel software, check the integrity of the files. Here used an example .PCB file as an example. 2.Find the menu “File”, select to “New” option. Then left-click it. 3.The “New Document” page will be occur. In “New … Continued