Aerospace & Defense-wellerpcb

Aerospace & Defense

Complex specifications, rigorous production processes and the highest levels of compliance are demanded by the aerospace and defense industries. We pride ourselves on providing a local, high quality PCB assembly service to control and protect product build and confidential information. With the backing of our global network, we can provide our customers with access to a knowledgeable … Continued


Automotive PCB assembly

Weller have rich experience in the PCB assembly of automotive products. Our vertical integration and robust supply chain capabilities enable us to develop flexible options for automotive customers worldwide. Exacting standards are of the upmost importance to us. Our strict adherence to quality is of significant benefit to our customers and this is evidenced by … Continued

Communications & Networks-wellerpcb

Communications & Networks

Our vertical integration and global footprint combined with our experience and knowledge in the communications and networking sectors, allows us to offer a breadth of service that is of great interest to customers in this sector. Due to our Shenzhen assembly plant’s extensive exposure to these customers and the fact that almost all of our vertically integrated … Continued


Energy – Clean Technology

Weller Technology is keen to work with new and exciting companies that are developing products to improve the Energy market – whether that be in Clean Energy, Smart Energy or the traditional Oil & Gas sector. We also greatly value the relationships that we have built with the established players in this market. We can … Continued


Industrial & Commercial

Industrial and commercial customers require a distinct set of skills from their EMS providers. Weller group has built a strong reputation in these areas thanks to our unique set of global, vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities that are geared to providing solutions for low to medium volume, high mix assemblies. Products in this market are also typically … Continued

Medical / Life Sciencesn-wellerpcb

Medical & Life Sciences

Our vertically integrated manufacturing services enable us to supply a wide range of compliant, high quality PCB fabrication and PCB assembly products to the medical device industry; from In-Vitro Fertilization tubes to Home Health Monitoring devices. Our ISO13485 compliant capabilities, together with an advanced SMT equipments and high grade of production facility that support medical … Continued

Niche Consumer-wellerpcb

Niche Consumer Service

During our 10+ years as an EMS provider, we have worked consistently with a unique segment of the consumer device industries that is termed ‘Niche Consumer’. Typically, products in this market require lower volumes, or a significantly higher quality and reliability level, than many standard consumer devices, yet still have a fine focus on cost … Continued

Security & Life Safety-wellerpcb

Security & Life Safety

As a vertically integrated EMS provider with a focus on collaboration, we are committed to manufacturing life saving security products for both commercial and residential property. We produce complete PCB assemblies for small and medium sized businesses and our collaborative approach and extensive network, locally and globally enable us to offer peace of mind with … Continued

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