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What is the CTI,and how to specify it in a PCB?

CTI is short for Comparative Tracking Index, means the maximum voltage measured in volts to verify the electrical breakdown properties of an insulating material that used in the electronic devices. At this voltage the specific material can withstands 50 drops of contaminated water without any tracking. Tracking means the conductive paths formed due to heat, … Continued

What is the PCB dielectric constant?

Dielectric constant is a value that reflect the ability of a type of material to store electrical energy. The dielectric constant value for PCB base material is typically from 3.8-4.8. You can easily find it from the datasheet of PCB base material, such as the Dielectric constant for Shengyi s1000-2 is 4.4 (@Permittivity (1GHz)).

Do you do PCB and electronics baking process before assembly?

All the print circuit boards received by WELLER will be determined to be purposely baked at below condition before release it to assembly process: A minimum of 4 hours at 125°C and a maximum of 16 hours would meet IPC-1601 standards (Printed Board Handling and Storage Guidelines). Moisture barrier bags in a range of sizes were … Continued

What files do you need for PCB assembly and mold injection?

What files do you need for PCB assembly and mold injection? 1. PCB specifications like below: Based material: FR-4? Board thickness: 1.6mm? Copper thickness: 1oz? Solder mask color: Green? Silkscreen color: White? Surface treatment: HASL lead free, immersion gold…? 2. PCB Gerber files (in RS274-X format) 3. BOM list in excel format 4. Mold design … Continued

What files would you require and where should I send them to for for PCB layout?

Normally, we need below 5 files for a full evaluation Schematic drawing in DSN format (including PDF format) Mechanical drawing in CAD format (.dxf is available). BOM list of all components(including package, value, brand, etc). Datasheet for all passive and active components Other specific requirements in your design (such as PCB board thickness, impedance, etc). … Continued

Are you able to put Bare die on the PCB’s?

What wire bond options do you have? Do you have Au and Al bond wire? Do you have ribbon and/or wire bonding? Weller: Al bond wire is popular to us, but Au is rarely used , so we would suggest to Al boding wire.

What software do you use for PCB layout? Can you generate out the Altium files?

The software we used for PCB layout is Cadence Allegro which is a layout software for professional development of printed circuit boards and complete electronic systems with more powerful features than Altium files in high-speed PCB design. However, we can normally generate one set of Altium files for customer’s reference, but this not for official … Continued

Do you have UL913 certifications.

UL913 is a certification for Product safety with intrinsically Safe Apparatus and Associated Apparatus for Use in Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Hazardous (Classified) Locations is a unique situation. Currently there are two active editions of the standard: 5th and 7th.  (The 6th Edition was withdrawn in April 2008 in the sense that the … Continued

What is your Manufacturing capability for metal filled via?

Can you do metal filled via? => Yes, we can do that. If so, what are the rules for min via hole diameter, min via pad size and min hole to hole clearance? => The via hole diameter range should be 0.15-0.55mm. And,If via hole is 0.2mm, then min pad diam is 0.4mm. The pad … Continued

AL6061 is OK for the metal material and Rogers stack up?

We plan to use AL6061 for the metal material. IS this OK? What other materials are available? ==>Al6061 is ok to us, but which is a “flex” aluminum material, but it will be much easy in the manufacturing process if you can use AL2024 which is a rigid material with it’s Rigidity(hardness) value up to … Continued

Do you have standard thickness for Metal-backed-PCB

Do you have standard metal thickness that we need to obey or, If we want to have an exact metal thickness of 1.2mm is this doable on your side. The thickness is not finalized can be 1.2 or 1.4mm for instance. ==>No standard thickness, it would be ok as long as your thickness >= 0.65mm. … Continued

What is clean and non clean process of a PCBA

What is clean PCB assembly process? It is processed with clean-needed solder paste composed by a type of Water Soluble Flux,which can provide excellent soldering performance. But with it’s flux residues left after soldering process is very sensitive and reactive to water so it is easy to corrode PCB board. Hence, it is necessary to … Continued

Why you can not provide PCB prototypes with 5USD

In China, there are many PCB shops provide PCB prototype manufacturing service with 5USD including shipping cost. But Weller cannot provide this type of this cost as PCB is a core component for PCB assembly, there would be a big loss to customer once the final assembled circuit board failure due to the incorrect PCB … Continued

What is the necessary document for PCBA quote or order?

Documents Required to Quote or Order a PCB Assembly               What do you need to get a quote on a PCB assembly? This is a great question and often a source of confusion. There are four basic documents and exactly how they are transmitted depends on your company’s tools; … Continued

Do you have Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services.

Yes, Weller can provide Prototype PCB Assembly as Quick as 1 Day. Our printed circuit board assembly service is South China’s leading one-stop solution for PCB and assembly under one roof; specializing in small and medium runs with fast lead-times and no minimum quantity requirement.

What is the typical process of a new project?

We will evaluate your part design and modify it to be efficiently injection molded. Then, we will build the mold for the part. Next, your mold will be put into an injection molding press to make production parts. On average the entire process takes 8-10 weeks.

What material should I use for my project?

Most material is application specific. If you don’t have a material selected for your application, we can help and offer some guidance. Often several resins can be sampled but the customer has final approval before proceeding.

Do you offer RoHS-compliant assemblies

Yes. Normally all our PCB board material used and  PCB manfuactured by lead free process unlesse customer have other options.Anyway,all our PCB assembly process are lead free process which can 100% meet RoHS-compliant

What is the lead time for a turnkey PCBA order?

Assembly lead times quoted to the customer exclude the procurement lead time. The lead times for the turnkey PCB assembly order entirely depend on the time required to source the part. The assembly begins only after all the components are available in the inventory. Weller Technology sometimes have special routing to by the some curcial … Continued

How can I provide components for the assembly?

Usually customer is interested to ship the components to us from outside of China intead of we purchasing that.But please note that normally China custom will charge extra duty taxes as below approximately: ICs: 13% depending on the unit cost LED, connectors.resistors and capacitors: 30%-50% extra taxesThe long lead time on the custom clearance process. … Continued

What PCB files do you need for PCB manufacturing?

When you’re working on a PCB layout, you are editing a file that is specific to your CAD software. It’s not a universal file format, and it uses information that the PCB manufacturer does not need. This is why you have to generate a different sort of file (with an exception we’ll discuss at the … Continued

What if I need to cancel my order?

A prorated cancellation cost will be charged for cancelled orders depending on PCB fabrication status by the time of cancellation. Orders are subject to 100% cancellation fee. Please contact your Salesperson immediately and follow up with a fax or e-mail to confirm and provide written record for any verbal cancellation.

Do you provide custom designing assistance for PCB fabrication?

Yes, our team of highly experienced engineers and designers is available to provide you with assistance regarding customized PCB fabrication. Our designers also take in to consideration the manufacturing process for designing a board and chalk out the PCB layout accordingly.