Dear customers, Please kindly have an alert that according to our project experience, we foresee that many ICs will be in very tight supply or even out of stock for a long time, so please schedule your crucial projects of 2021 beforehand. : For more details, please have an alert to this news, down load Electronic Components Price Increase Reminder_Weller Technology Co., Limited

Do you review gerber files for any DFM violations or other issues and make any recommendations before fabrication?

We have engineering experienced engineer to use advanced PCB Gerber check software Genesis and Inplan from Orbotech Ltd to check customer’s Gerber file.So DFM review is our regular work to all customer’s orders. And we will issue DFM report if we find any design issues. We will start production until everything confirmed.

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We’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP.

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