Dear customers, Please kindly have an alert that according to our project experience, we foresee that many ICs will be in very tight supply or even out of stock for a long time, so please schedule your crucial projects of 2021 beforehand. : For more details, please have an alert to this news, down load Electronic Components Price Increase Reminder_Weller Technology Co., Limited

How can I provide components for the assembly?

Usually customer is interested to ship the components to us from outside of China intead of we purchasing that.But please note that normally China custom will charge extra duty taxes as below approximately:

ICs: 13% depending on the unit cost

LED, connectors.resistors and capacitors: 30%-50% extra taxesThe long lead time on the custom clearance process.

The necessary 3C (China Compulsory Certification) cerification for switches.

So, please double consider the whole cost of components by you is econmic or not than that if we provide the whole of components to your PCB assembly.

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