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Why you can not provide PCB prototypes with 5USD

In China, there are many PCB shops provide PCB prototype manufacturing service with 5USD including shipping cost.

But Weller cannot provide this type of this cost as PCB is a core component for PCB assembly, there would be a big loss to customer once the final assembled circuit board failure due to the incorrect PCB manufacturing process,even it is prototppes.

Weller do not take this risk to our customer by a lowest price of PCB manufacturing starting from prototypes: all the PCB manufacturing process in the Weller is to ensure all the manufacturing based customer’s document and upon IPC standard:

DFM(design for PCB manufacturing)–>Engineering data review(review all the customer’s document and specification to avoid any missing notes)–>CAM output(generate CAM files by professional engineer)–>PCB manufacturing(Advanced equipment, danced control process, advanced inspection instrument (AOI, X-ray, etc))–>Quality checking before shipping (issue quality report: including verifying specification: material, surface finishing, hole size, outline size )

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