What software do you use for PCB layout? Can you generate out the Altium files?

The software we used for PCB layout is Cadence Allegro which is a layout software for professional development of printed circuit boards and complete electronic systems with more powerful features than Altium files in high-speed PCB design.

However, we can normally generate one set of Altium files for customer’s reference, but this not for official usage.

The final PCB layout package files that Weller will provide:
_asm file:            This is for mechanical file for assembly reference
_cam file:            This PCB Gerber file for PCB fabrication reference
_dxf file:              This is Structure drawing,for mechanical reference
_pcb file:             This is final PCB file generated from Cadence Allegro, for the usage of modification of the PCB diagram or the debugging of circuit diagram
_smd file:            This is the paste file for PCB assembly house usage
.PCBDOC file:     This is the altium design software file only for PCB designer reference

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