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Flex PCB Capability

Flex PCB Manufacturing Capability

ItemFlex PCB Capability
PCB Layer Count1~6Layers
Flexible Circuit Materials:Dupont, Panasonic, Taiflex, Shengyi

Min. Line Width/Space
18um(finish Cu): 3.5/3.5mil
35um(finish Cu): 4.0/4.40mil
Min Space Between Coverlay Opening0.2mm
Edge of Coverlay Opening to Trace0.20mm(preferred)
Min Space between coverlay and solder pad0.15mm
Polyimide Films0.5 mil (12.5µ), 1 mil (25µ), 2 mils (50µ)
Thermabond AdhesiveThermosetting Adhesive, 3M high adhesion tape
Copper Foils (RA or ED)1/3oz, 1/2oz, 1oz
Flex Circuit StiffenersPolyimide, Rigid FR4, metal
Solder ResistCoverlay, LPI
Min. Finished Hole size0.2mm
Max. Finished Hole size6.30mm
Hole tolerance±0.05mm between holes0.15mm
Minimum conductor edge to outline edge ≥0.1mm
Minimum space between coverlay and conductorMinimum space between coverlay and conductor
Hole to outline edge ≥ 0.10mm

Tooling tolerance
Knife(Soft) tooling ± 0.25mm
Steel(Hard) tooling ± 0.05mm
CNC drill/rout ± 0.10mm
Maximum Layer to Layer Mis-registration± 0.10mm
Copper Plated Thickness (PTH only)8~15um;20~30um;30~70um(special)
Surface FinishImmersion Gold, Plating Hard Gold, OSP