LPR Low Profile Resistor


LPR series are low profile resistors encapuslate in an ultra slim aluminium housed casing. Designed for applications where space is critical i.e EV vehicles, instruments, drivers and frequency converters.

500 pieces

Lowest to 8.00


Cree LED

50000pcs of C503B-GCN-CY0C0791 LED from Cree Inc is available in stock for sale, offering fast quote within 24 hours with immediate shipping upon the receipt of the order.

50000 pieces

Lowest to 0.21


CUI Inc.

DC to DC Converter P783-Q24-S5-S from CUI Inc available quantities in stock, quote within 24 hours,immediate shipping upon the receipt of the order

1000 pieces

Lowest to 15.07


TE Connectivity / DEUTSCH

Aavailable stock of 2000pcs EEC-325X4B Connector-Enclosure For DTM Series from TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors. immediate shipping upon the receipt of the order

2000 pieces

Lowest to 10.33

TDK CXA-L10L Inverters

TDK Corporation

TDK-CXA-L10L – CCFL and UV Lamps Inverter 12V Input 900V Output 1.73" L x 0.83" W x 0.51" H (44mm x 21mm x 13mm) Through Hole from TDK Corporation

100 pieces

Lowest to 5.00