ASM GmbH PCB assembly

ASM Germany

ASM Sensors Germany GmbH is marketing communications specialist from Germany with supply high-accuracy inclination sensor to the world-wide customer.

WellerPCB assembly for Kontron GmbH Germany

Kontron GmbH

Kontron GmbH has been as a customer to Weller since 2006,Weller has been providing high technology PCB manufacturing service to Kontron GmbH in Germany.

WellerPCB assembly for SMI public company


Weller has been supporting SMI England and SMI Austria since 2006 as their strategic offshore PCB manufacturer

WellerPCB assembly for NOTE AB


NOTE AB in Sweden is a famous northern European manufacturing partner with an advanced platform for manufacturing electronics products that require high technology competence.

Notel Inc PCB assembly

Nortel Inc

Nortel Inc has been as a customer of Weller since 2006 for the manufacturing of commnucation and network PCB board.

Offshore PCB assembly for OneAcess Beilgium


OneAcess Belgium has acknowledged Weller as it’s official partner of PCB fabrication in China since 2006.

PCB assembly for Zollner GmbH Germany


ZOLLNER GmbH which is a famous EMS company in Germany who has been as a valuable customer to Weller since 2006 due to quality acknowledgement to Weller’s PCB manufacturing.

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