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Energy – Clean Technology

Weller Technology is keen to work with new and exciting companies that are developing products to improve the Energy market – whether that be in Clean Energy, Smart Energy or the traditional Oil & Gas sector. We also greatly value the relationships that we have built with the established players in this market. We can offer such companies a full range of services as well as a global manufacturing and logistics solution.

The owners and all employees of Weller Group, receive immense personal satisfaction from supporting technologies and organizations that reduce carbon emissions and/or harmful chemicals, in order to preserve and improve the environment for future generations. Therefore you can be sure that you will be working with a team that is fully engaged in helping you to succeed in your business.

We can assist customers in the design and production of cost effective products within this sector and our global manufacturing and logistics solution can be tailored to suit the needs of our customers, which has resulted in Weller Group being chosen as a key partner for a wide range of customers that operate in this demanding market.

Energy PCB assembly application

How we can help

Examples of product services provided to Energy customers include:

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