Dear customers, Please kindly have an alert that according to our project experience, we foresee that many ICs will be in very tight supply or even out of stock for a long time, so please schedule your crucial projects of 2021 beforehand. : For more details, please have an alert to this news, down load Electronic Components Price Increase Reminder_Weller Technology Co., Limited


IMQC (incoming material check), this is to have a global inspection to incoming material (component, PCB board,stentcil tooling),to make sure each material match the specification.


WELLER’s value: we always perform the BOM check list to make sure that the incoming components 100% conform it’s specification in BOM, and the size match it’s pattern on the PCB board.

All the components must be original parts as customer specified, no any alternatives without customer’s official approval.

This is a premise but core work to make sure the production moved forward correctly.

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