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ISOLA FR408 PCB for Network Communication

Type20L HDI PCB for network application
SpecificationLayer Count —— 20 L
Material —— ISOLA FR408
Board Thickness —— 4.8±0.48mm
Stack-up —— 2+16 +2
Aspect Ratio ——10:1,8mils Hole to Copper
Blind vias —— L1–L2 , L19–L20
Micro-vias —— L1–L2 , L7–L8, 0.10mm by laser drilling
Via-in-Pad —— 1mm -0.65mm BGAs
Min. LW/LS —— 0.075/0.075mm
Surface Finish——ENIG+ Hard Gold Finish
ApplicationCommunication and network PCB
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