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Rigid-Flex PCB Capability

Rigid-flex PCB Capability

ItemTechnical Data
Layer Count2~16Layers
Min. Line Width/Space18um(finish Cu): 3.5/3.5mil
35um(finish Cu): 4.0/4.0mil
Min Space Between Coverlay Opening0.2mm
Edge of Coverlay Opening to Trace0.20mm(preferred)
Min Space between coverlay and solder pad0.15mm
Polyimide Films0.5 mil (12.5µ), 1 mil (25µ), 2 mils (50µ), 3 mils (75µ), 4mils(100µ), 5 mils(125µ) as custmer requested
Thermabond AdhesiveAcrylic/Modified Acrylic, Modified Epoxy, Polyimide
Copper Foils (RA or ED)1/4oz to 3oz
FR-4 in Multi-layer Flex CircuitsLaminated to flex circuit to create rigid flex boards, typically with vias
StiffenersPolyimide, Rigid FR4, PSA, metal, or customer requested
Solder ResistCoverlay, LPI
Min. Finished Hole size0.20mm
Max. Finished Hole size6.30mm
Hole tolerance ±0.05mm between holes0.15mm
Minimum conductor edge to outline edge≥ 0.10mm

Tooling tolerance
Knife(Soft) tooling ± 0.25mm
Steel(Hard) tooling ± 0.05mm
CNC drill/rout ± 0.10mm
Maximum Layer to Layer Mis-registration± 0.10mm
Copper Plated Thickness (PTH only)8~15um;20~30um;30~70um(special)
PCB Surface FinishImmersion Gold, HASL, Lead free HASL, Plating Hard Gold, OSP
How to choose PCB surface treatment process

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