Standard 4 layer PCB stackup options

The standard 4L layers stackup is the most common option selected by PCB designers. The standard layer stackup can be utilized in most applications.

As a standard option, you can get a variable layer stack up from us, which is defined by following:

PCB thickness: 0.5mm/0.8mm/1.0mm/1.6mm/2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm
Final finsihed copper thickness: 1/1/1/1oz (Note: the out layer copper thickness below is base copper thickness)

Thickness 0.50mm 4L stack up
Thickness 0.80mm 4L stack up
Thickness 1.00mm 4L stack up
Thickness 1.60mm 4L stack up
Thickness 2.0mm 4L stack up
4L PCB buildup 2.50mm
Thickness 3.0mm 4L stack up

Above stack up is our standard 4L layer buildup that upon best manfuacturing features: such as below for finished thickness 1.60mm with 2/2/2/2 oz 4L PCB stack up,option 1 is not good as option 2 ( preprege 1080 in option 2 has more glue than 7268 in option 1):

Option 2 for 1.60mm 2/2/2/2 oz stack up

Above stack up is our standard 4L layer buildup with 2/2/2/2 oz final finished copper thickness that already upon best manufacturing features for multilayer PCB.

If you need customed stack up or stack up with impedance control,or you need 2oz or upper copper thickness PCB stack up, you can send your request to [email protected].

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