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An experienced and professional electronics contract manufacturer with core mission to provide high quality PCB assembly service to our 2000+ customers on the foundation of high technology PCB fabrication capabilities, such as HDI PCB, RF PCB, hybrid PCB, backplane PCB, heavy copper PCB, rigid-flex PCB, via in pad, stacked via, micro via, embedded copper coin technology etc

  • Happy with your quality and service

    Zoey, Hope you had a great holiday! This is a project for an old client, we previously manufactured their boards at another factory, and because we are very happy with your quality and service, we would like to move this to you. Chris 06th Oct 2023

  • Great service by Weller as always

    Hello Bella- Great service by Weller as always, thank you. Please send the tracking when you can. It is no problem on shipping the balance later, enjoy your Holiday!   D. Jensen

  • PCB Design of a Interposer Board for a Microcontroller

    Hello Jason, thank you very much for the Altium file. I did a design rule check in Altium and I have no errors. This is exactly what I wanted. If we have more projects of this kind in the future, I will contact you again. With kind regards Thomas Somik Development 2022-3-30

  • Good work on caves LED lighting PCB assembly

    Hi Tina,   Board were finally assembled and works well. Now there is software development phase. I think we will start small serial production somewhere at the beginning next year.   Thank you for your support!   Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards, Vladimir Vashkevich 23rd-August-2021

  • Good work of copy PCB!

    Dear Jason,   Good Afternoon !!   The 5 PCS PCB project we did is working okay. I have also assembled that PCB with components and its working well. Just to make you remember, see the attached PCB’s that you had send me.   Since this is working well, can you send me following files: … Continued

  • AoA Arrived

    Hi Tian, The AoA PCBs from DHL were scheduled to arrive Monday, but came early on Friday (today). So far, I only assembled the small PCB into the 3D-printed bezel with the momentary switch and the LED. The bezel board (small piece) fits PERFECTLY. See the attached. The 2 pressure sensors that are still on … Continued

  • Feedback of VBA-V3 and ESP32-WROOM

    Hi Tina, All three boards have now been tested at full current. 30 amps out at 20V, driven by a 12V battery (that dropped below 12V during the test) at just over 60 amps. Everything seems to be working as hoped for. We will mount them is a metal box and use thermal potting as … Continued

  • Good work!

    Hi Eva, We received the boards and they are working as expected. Good work. Regards Sharafat On Thu, 20 Aug 2020 at 19:26, Eva Chen wrote: Hi Sharafat, We’ve arranged the shipment and the DHL tracking number is 73423314** Please note that we ship the main board to you together with Jason’s XY20383E1 board. Thank … Continued

  • Thanks for your help

    Jason, I have found an issue with the design, the design did indeed short circuit. Thanks for your help. We will have to get new prototypes produced.  Regards|Kyle Handfield|Managing Director

  • Please thank your team

    Hi Zoey, Thanks so much. Please thank your team as well. We really appreciate the work you’ve put in to help us out with these boards :)–Cheers—Tim Hadwen/Co-Founder / Hardware Lead

  • Great Work of Battery Pack PCB Assembly

    Hi Bella, I checked the 30 unit and they are exactly how we would expect them. Great work, the battery is well soldered, the main connector too and there are no missing screws. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Elio Barsetti Concepteur Électronique Electronic Designer

  • Thanks!

    Hi Jason and Kira, Thanks for the last couple days. You took a lot of time to drive me around and get stuff done. I like the way you guys work and get things done – it is a lot like how I do things. Working in the hotel room, I have done that at … Continued

  • I appreciate your trust!

    Hi Carl, Me too, I appreciate your trust! And you give me a great help (for example with the project Microchip which without you could not be a success!) And I feel the whole heart that has been put by everyone in the work that I receive. This is very important for me because I work in the same … Continued

  • Quality exceed exception

    Hi Zoey thank you a lot for your mail.We are very happy with the board.We already tested 10 boards and programmed them. They are fully functional and do exactly what we have expected.For our next project we will come back to you. I have already recommended your company to some of my colleagues and business … Continued

  • Great service!

    Speed, quality, and great service, WellerPCB has allowed us to move quickly on development and not stress out so much about inevitable board goof ups that previous have cost us weeks.

  • Competitive rates

    Weller PCB has the right products at competitive rates and a willing flexibility to work with our business.