AoA Arrived

Hi Tian,

The AoA PCBs from DHL were scheduled to arrive Monday, but came early on Friday (today).

So far, I only assembled the small PCB into the 3D-printed bezel with the momentary switch and the LED. The bezel board (small piece) fits PERFECTLY. See the attached.

The 2 pressure sensors that are still on backorder are required to test the main boards.

I just wanted to tell you that your work is superb! Amazing! Thanks so much again for helping with the anomaly (J2 & J4).


P.S. I don’t remember if I explained what it is. It is a safety device that should help to eliminate the main cause of aircraft crashes. The main board calculates the angle of attack of a flying airplane and shows the pilot how close he/she is to stalling the aircraft. The small bezel PCB with the 10-segment LED goes on the aircraft’s instrument panel. As the aircraft slows down to land, the LED shows how close the aircraft is to a stall by progressively turning on more LEDs.

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