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WELLER team provides 21 years of PCB manufacturing and 8 years of electronics assembly experience to the achievement of our clients’ product life-cycle and business success goals. Integrated capabilities with field professionalism arms clients with a versatile scope of work offering, flexible demand fulfillment solutions, and reliable high-quality products. WELLER electronics manufacturing services offerings help clients realize opportunities through product and supply risk assessments, valued cost options, flexible scheduling and delivery performance and constant collaboration throughout our engagement.

For a specific product or service you would like us to quote, please supply the following information:

A complete Bill of Materials (BOM) including revision level, reference designations, component description and quantity per assembly.

Approved Supplier List of Components if applicable.

A sample unit or reference existing picture is always helpful to allow us to check manufacturability.

Batch Quantity and Schedule requirements including annual volume requirements if available.

Target Pricing with quantity price is derived from engineering drawings/prints. Mechanical and/or assembly drawings and specifications, printed circuit board fabrication specification with Gerber files if possible.

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