Advanced Rapid Prototyping

Advanced Rapid Prototyping Service

Our experienced engineers and technicians are there at your side throughout the entire product design and development process. It is especially in the disciplines of consulting, engineering, manufacturing and rapid prototyping that our expertise comes to the fore, as we support you in industrializing your ideas at speed and with successful outcomes.


Solid foundations for successful projects:

Our experienced engineers and technicians help define clients and product requirements and develop a customized solutions for each project. Close collaboration with our engineers or WELLER partners ensures that the concepts can later be successfully implemented.


Technical expertise for advanced solutions:

The team of engineers and technicians at WELLER works closely with clients and partners, as and when they are needed, to ensure the optimal technical implementation of product ideas. State-of-the-art technologies and methods are employed to make product development as efficient and effective as possible in the key areas of hardware, software and system development.


With speed to the first working product:

Using the latest technology, agility, efficiency, and optimized interfaces, transformation from digital data to hardware is achieved in record time. As a result, the functional prototypes are available for verification and testing more quickly.


The agility and efficiency of the WELLER and it’s partners accelerates the development process, enabling customer’s ideas to be turned into reality quickly and cost-effectively. Our prototyping experts use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to produce functional samples of electronic products that can be used for testing and validation.

Leverage electronic and mechanical expertise and take advantage of our experienced supply chain to successfully turn your product ideas into reality. Learn more about our development services and contact us to discuss your project.


What function should your product achieve? From this point, our team look for possible technical solutions – and not the other way around.With our experience and knowledge of mutual our partners, we then realize your product idea, from the first sketch to the finished industrialized product.

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