Single Sided PCB Manufacturer
Single Sided PCB

What are Single Sided PCBs? Single sided PCB, as known as 1 layer PCB, which is a printed circuit board with only one copper layer of conductive material above the substrate. And also the electronic components mounted on one side of the board and the conductive track connected on the other side. So,it is called … Continued

Flexible PCB manufacturing
Flexible PCB

Flexible circuit board is a special type of printed circuit board with it’s epical property of bendable feature. The demand for flexible PCBs is growing in electronic filed with especially strong demands from medical, defense and industrial markets. Widely Application As flexible printed circuit board can provide a great solution to connection between rigid PCBs … Continued


Today the world is changing fast with new technology development, especially PCB manufacturing technology that plays an important role in the application of LED circuits boards. These are widely used for many applications such as home, interior vehicle, and commercial applications, etc. LED is short for Light-Emitting Diodes. Which is semiconductor light sources that combines … Continued

wireless PCB design
Metal Backed PCB

Metal backed PCB is growing rapidly and supporting sectors in variety of field including automotive, medical, aerospace, lightning applications and industrial controls.

Rigid-flex circuits manufacturer
Rigid flex PCB

Rigid-flex PCBs is a complicated product that uses a blend of flexible and rigid board advances in an application.so which demands a lot of interaction between our engineers and your technicians. Similar as other complex products, early discussions between Weller and the designer is necessary to optimize the design for convenient manufacturability and to optimize … Continued

HDI PCB Prototype manufacturer
PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype is a critical stage in the electrical product development. It enables to eliminate the flaws in design and avoid it taken to mass production to the reduce the risk of costly rework during mass production. At Weller Technology, a variety of different kinds of printed circuit board prototypes can be manufactured according to … Continued

Standard PCB Manufacturing
Standard PCB

Founded in 2006, Weller Technology is Committed to provide leading manufacturing service of circuit board to our customers. Benefit from our continuous invest in advanced production equipment and skilled people, today we have the manufacturing capability to produce 2-50 layers PCBs, including standard PCB, prototype PCB, Rigid and Rigid-Flex PCB, Single sided and multilayer PCB, … Continued


High TG PCB board is typically defined as the high heat resistance in a PCB base material or a circuit board properly designed to withstand high temperatures operation process. Generally,the High TG is means the PCB laminate’s Tg value greater than 170°C tested by IPC-TM-650 2.4.25D. Thus, a circuit board with TG greater or equal … Continued

China PCB Prototype manufacturer
Aluminum PCB

With it’s excellent feature of Aluminum thermal dissipation, Aluminum is a type of ideal metal base material for circuit board which need thin dielectric thermally conductive as well as electrically protected layer. This kind of PCB is widely used in the electronic devices such as LED lighting for consume products, automotive field, etc. Due to … Continued

High Frequency PCB

High Frequency PCB is a type of electronic circuit board that particularly used for signal transmission in the variety of applications of electronic devices including mobile phone, microwave, radio frequency and other high speed design applications. Due to it’s base material’s special features that has a frequency range of 500MHz – 100GHz, so the circuit … Continued

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