Injection Molding Services

Injection molding services is an added services that we offered to our customers along with our PCB assembly and box building assemblies.

WELLER Plastics and Mold

Collaborated with our professional partner,WELLER has been satisfying our customers’ plastic injection molding needs for past years. We absolutely believe our high level of customer loyalty is because we have successfully built lasting relationships with our clients by partnering with them from product design stage to production and well beyond.

We get well trusted from our customers by our deep expertise in 2-shot injection molding and other forms of custom plastic injection molding, and our strong knowledge of molding parts from some engineering-grade resins.Combine this expertise with our ability to perform post-production operations such as ultrasonic assembly,CNC milling, assembly, packaging, and shipping from our Shenzhen manufacturing facility with 10 injection molding presses and we are highly qualified for serving your plastic injection molding needs. 

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Your Reliable 2-Shot Injection Molding Partner

WELLER is is committed to one stop solution to customers bringing your product from design to production at shortest time, and being your steadfast partner throughout the lifecycle of your product.

 Injection Molding Services:

 Injection Molding Services:

We keep “above and beyond” is as our standard custom injection molding services. Customer satisfy our exacting standards, professional workmanship, customer service, and ability to consistently produce top-quality, close tolerance thermoplastic injection molded parts at competitive prices.

Their technical and problem-solving abilities contribute to the development of plastic parts and components for customers in We speed up your injection molded plastic parts from design concept to reality through our expert team of in-house design engineers and tool technicians. Their technical and problem-solving abilities support the development of plastic parts and components for customers across all industries and applications.all industries and applications.

WELLER Provide Multi-solutions on Injection Molding to Have Your Thermoplastic Project’s Success

The key technicians boast over 20+ years of custom plastic molding experience, Thermoplastic Injection Molding,  Sub-Assemblies, and Mold Building. Rich experience with a broad range of thermoplastic materials, from commodity resins like polypropylene to engineering grade materials like Ultem, enable us have a foundation to produce plastic parts of all types. And the close collaborative relationships with resin suppliers also help ensure the materials clients select are the right type and proper quality for your application.

Our core value “above and beyond” drive us to cooperate with leading plastic experts across the country to tackle problems and test design theories. We also believe in honesty and will advise to clients once a design is not manufacturable, then find a way to optimize your design successfully.

Custom Injection Molding, Mold Building, Repair & More

Design Engineering:

  • In-House Design Control
  • Prototype Capabilities
  • Thermoplastic Assemblies
  • Design for Manufacturing

Assemblies or Sub-assemblies:

  • Cost effective
  • Quality oriented
  • Designed in house
  • Experience proven

Plastic Part Decorating:

  • In-Mold Decorating
  • Painting, Silk Screening and pad printing
  • Concept to Print to Product

Tool Building (Molds and Inserts):

  • Prototype to Production Tooling
  • Complete In-House Capabilities
  • Outsourced Procurement
  • Die Cast Tooling

Upwardly Mobile Thermoplastic Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

Keep staying on top of the latest technology and ever-changing injection molding industry field demands enable us to serve our clients better. As your go to one stop solution electronic manufacturing company, our commitment to cooperate with our partner being an upwardly mobile manufacturer includes investing in robotics and other modern technology that improves our efficiency. This gives us the ability to operate at an almost 24/7 capacity. Higher efficiency means shorter lead times and cost savings, so you get your injection molded parts, sub-assemblies, and electronics manufacturing in your hands even faster.

You Can Rely on Our Thermoplastic Injection Services, Workmanship, and Customer Support

Consistency in product design is key to success of your project. We just provide support to that success by delivering injection molded plastic parts that exceed client’s expectations for quality and performance. Some of our customers have even received a shout of applause from consumers for their plastic injection molded parts. Our experienced team and technicians pride itself on success-driven mold design and tooling build and is committed to speeding projects around quickly while maintaining exceptional quality standards.

As an integrated electronics manufacturing solution company, our commitment to providing excellent customer service and work diligently has been vital to achieve cost efficiencies and profitability on each project. Exactly, many clients trust our professionalism in thermoplastic injection molding and benefit from us for design and manufacturing advice.

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