FAQ About PCB Layout

With 10+ PCB layout engineers support your any urgent demand work on both Cadence or Altium software platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed some common questions we get about our sustainability work on printed circuit board layout. If you have other questions about PCB layout or and design, don´t hesitate to contact us.

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What files would you require and where should I send them to for for PCB layout?

Normally, we need below 5 files for a full evaluation:

Schematic drawing in DSN format (including PDF format).

Mechanical drawing in CAD format (.dxf is available).

BOM list of all components(including package, value, brand, etc).

Datasheet for all passive and active components.

Other specific requirements in your design (such as PCB board thickness, impedance, etc).

Send it to the email of your sales Rep at our company or to service@wellerpcb.com if you are the first time to work with us, our sales Rep will response to you within 4 hours.

What software do you use for PCB layout?

The most software we used for PCB layout is Cadence Allegro which is a layout software for professional development of printed circuit boards and complete electronic systems with more powerful features than Altium files in high-speed PCB design.

However, some of our engineers can use Altium designer for some customer’s demand.

Can you generate out the Altium files?

The final PCB layout package files that Weller will provide:

_asm file: This is for mechanical file for assembly reference.

_cam file: This PCB Gerber file for PCB fabrication reference.

_dxf file: This is Structure drawing,for mechanical reference.

_pcb file: This is final PCB file generated from Cadence Allegro, for the usage of modification of the PCB diagram or the debugging of circuit diagram.

_smd file: This is the paste file for PCB assembly house usage.

.PCBDOC file: This is the altium design software file only for PCB designer reference.

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