PCB Laminate and Prepreg Materials

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Base material

The base materials used in PCB manufacturing including CCL (Copper Clad Laminate), prepreg, solder mask, silkscreen, and the materials of surface finishing.

Except customer has extra demand, all printed circuit board base materials used by Weller conform to IPC4101( specification for base materials for rigid and multilayer printed boards ) and 100% UL certificated at least.

We never sacrifice quality by using the poor quality of materials fropm unknown sources.

The table below is an extract of certain characteristics from IPC-4101 classifications, highlighting some of the details already referenced.

Tg (min) C150110110150170110150170170
Td (min) C325310310325340310325340340
CTE Z 50-260 C3.5%4.0%4.0%3.5%3.0%40.%3.5%3.5%3.0%
T260 (min) minutes303030303030303030
T288 (min) minutes555515551515
Fillers > 5%YesYesNANAYesYesYesNAYes
Dk/Permittivity (max)

If you have a good experience of a material which you know works for your product, you can send it to us as a reference.

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Some Key Material Characteristic

CTE-Z axis(Co-efficient of thermal expansion): This is a measure of how much the base material will expand when heated. Measured as PPM/degree C (both before and after Tg) and also in % over a temperature range. Typical Low CTE High Tg PCB Material EM-827 827B
Td (Decomposition temperature): This is the temperature at which material weight changes by 5%. This parameter determines the thermal survivability of the material.
Tg (Glass transition temperature): The temperature at which the material stops acting like a rigid material and begins to behave like a plastic / softer.
T260 (Time to delamination): This is the time it take for the base material to delaminate when subjected to a temperature of 260 degrees C.
T288 (Time to delamination): This is the time it take for the base material to delaminate when subjected to a temperature of 288 degrees C.
Dk (Dielectric constant): The ratio of the capacitance using that material as a dielectric, compared to a similar capacitor which has a vacuum as its dielectric.
CTI (Comparative tracking Index):A measure of the electrical breakdown properties of an insulating material. It is used for electrical safety assessment of electrical apparatus. The normal CTI material as High CTI CEM-3 equivalent to FR-4.0: S2126, High thermal resistance: High CTI S3116.

Our Standard PCB Laminate Material Source

BrandPart numberTgTdT260 (min)T288 (min)T300 (min)Thermal Stress
(288℃, solder dip)
ShengyiS1140140310152NA>60sPLC 3FR4Conventional FR-4
ShengyiS1141150310152NA>60sPLC 3FR4Conventional FR-4
ShengyiS1000H155348>6020NA>100sPLC 3FR4High Performance, Mid-Tg, Lead-free
ShengyiS1000-2180345>60205>100sPLC 3FR4High Tg, Low CTE
ShengyiS1000-2M185355>603015>100sPLC 3FR4High Tg, High Performance, Low CTE
ShengyiS1600135310152NA>100sPLC 0 (≥600V)FR4High CTI@PLC 0 (≥600V)
ShengyiS1150G155355>6045NA>100sNAFR4Halogen-free, Mid-Tg
155345>6020NA>10sNAFR4Middle Tg, Lead Free
ITEQIT-180A175345>6020NA>10sNAFR4High Tg,Lead Free
KingboardKB-616013030510NANA>10sNAFR4IPC-4101C/21 specification is applicable
KingboardKB-6165≥150≥325≥30≥10NA≥60sNAFR4Low CTE
KingboardKB-6167G≥170≥340≥30≥15NA≥60sNAFR4UV Blocking and AOI ompatible, Halogen-free
KingboardKB-6160F≥130313>10NANA≥10s≥175FR4UV Blocking, IPC-4101E/97, Low CTE
KingboardKB-6160≥130305>10NANA≥10s≥175FR4IPC-4101E/21, UV Blocking and AOI compatible
KingboardKB-6160A≥130305>10NANA≥10s≥175FR4IPC-4101E/21; UV Blocking and AOI compatible
KingboardKB-6160C≥130314>20NANA≥10s≥600FR4IPC-4101E/97, CTI≥600
NAN YANP-140TL140 ± 5310>10NANA>10sNAFR4HTE copper foil
NAN YANP-150TL150 ± 5314>10NANA>10sNAFR4HTE copper foil
NAN YANP-180TL175 ± 5NANANANA>10sNAFR4High Tg 175℃
IsolaFR4081803606015NA>10s0.4FR4A high-performance FR-4 epoxy
laminate and prepreg
Isola370HR1803406030NA>10sFR4The industry’s “best in class”
lead-free compatible product
IsolaIS4101803505010NA>10s0.5FR4Superior performance through multiple thermal excursions – passes 6x @ 288°C

Our High Frequency PCB Laminate Material Source

BrandPart numberDielectric Constant
(@10 GHz/23°C)
TgTdThermal Conductivity
RogersRO4350B3.38 ± 0.05>2803900.64
RogersRO4003C3.48 ± 0.05>2804250.62
RogersTMM33.27 ± 0.032>2804250.70
RogersTMM44.50 ± 0.045>2804250.70
RogersTMM66.00 ± 0.080>2804250.72
RogersTMM109.20 ± 0.230>2804250.76
RogersMM10I9.80 ± 0.245>2804250.76
RogersTMM13i12.85 ±0.35>280425
RogersRT/duroid® 6006.15± 0.15>2805000.49
TaconicTLE-953.00 +/– 0.05Tg>1800.20Dielectric Thickness:
TaconicTLE-952.95+/– 0.05Tg>1800.20Dielectric Thickness:
TaconicTLT-02.45+/- 0.05
TaconicTLT-92.50+/- 0.05
TaconicTLT-82.55+/- 0.05
TaconicTLT-72.60+/- 0.05
TaconicTLT-62.65+/- 0.05
TaconicTLX-02.45+/- 0.04Tg>1800.19
TaconicTLX-92.50+/- 0.04Tg>1800.19
TaconicTLX-82.55+/- 0.04Tg>1800.19
TaconicTLX-72.60+/- 0.04Tg>1800.19
TaconicTLX-62.65+/- 0.04Tg>1800.19

Our Advanced PCB Laminate Material Source

BrandPart numberDielectric Constant
(@10 GHz/23°C)
TgTdThermal Conductivity
NelcoNelco4000-294.21853500.46Advanced Lead-Free, High-Tg Multifunctional Epoxy
(@ 1 GHz (RF Impedance))
1753250.3 – 0.4High-Tg Multifunctional Epoxy Laminate & Prepreg
NelcoNelco4000-133.62103500.35High-Speed Multifunctional Epoxy Laminate & Prepreg
3.62450.6High thermal conductivity Low transmission loss
Halogen-free Multi-layer circuit board materials
(@ 1 GHz (RF Impedance))
163345High Tg & Low CTE type
TUC TaiwanTU-872 LK3.80200340Excellent application on Backpanel, High performance computing

Our Metal PCB Laminate Material Source

BrandPart numberThermal Conductivity
Tg(℃)Td(℃)Thermal Stress
(288℃, solder float) min
Hi-pot Test
ShengyiSAR151.5140380303000PLC0Mid-power LED lighting
Power supply board
ITEQIT-859GTA3.0100380(≥0.5mm)>60(≥0.5mm)1000IPC-4101C Spec/21;Notebook Light Bar;LED Lighting Application;LCD TV Light Bar;Automobile Lighting;Traffic Lighting;Street Lamp and Lighting
BergquistMP-065031.30903252800High watt-density applications where achieving low thermal resistance is required

Our Metal PCB Laminate Material Source

BrandPart numberDielectric Constant
(@1 MHz)
TgSolder Float
@10 sec at 288°C (550°F)
TaiflexMHK3025PassHalogen Free
DuPontPYRALUX AC3.7Pass94V-0Excellent thermal resistance
DuPontPYRALUX AP3.2(@10GHz)220PassV-0
IPC slash sheet: 4204/11;
Halogen Free: Yes 4 hours
Thin FlexA-2005ED3.3350Pass94V-0
Thin FlexW-0505ED3.3 (@1GHz)350Pass94V-0

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If your circuit board must work at specific high voltage, high current or perform high speed or high frequency signal transmission, to reduce the hidden risk and avoid the failure, it is critical to find an outstanding professional PCB fabricate house and look for a best laminate material not cheapest to fabricate your circuit board.

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