Supply Chain Solutions

Global Sourcing and Procurement

WELLER understands that how important that supply chain services play in our customers’ businesses. We continuously strive to provide one stop solution. WELLER is uniquely positioned in commodities such as printed circuit boards (PCB) fabrication and electro-mechanical components sourcing, and can achieve cost reduction for our customers in solutions such as injection molded plastics, CNC machinery parts, metal stampings, sheet metal, extrusions, membrane switches, cable assembly and other products, all of which typically have significant costs involved within final electronic assemblies.

Being employing the experienced engineers and skilled workers, and some field experts, enable us have the capability to provide assistance from inception of a product through field service requirements and manage the lifecycle of critical components on the BOM.

We have sourcing and procurement teams with strong engineering background, which enable us have ability to search out and develop the most cost-effective material supply available without compromising product quality. Our experienced filed expertise allows to utilize the best suppliers to match customer’s project, this will bring invisible value to our customers requiring unique solutions for their specific needs.

Supply Chain Flexibility and Visibility

WELLER supports our customers by focusing on initiatives that help them to gain and maintain a cost-effective competitive advantage on their projects without compromising quality. This is achieved through providing end-to-end safety supply chain services enabling the optimization of each step within the chain.

We offer service of managing vendor inventory and consignment programs, as well as warehousing stock management initiatives to support our customers in shortening their lead times, ensuring consistent supply and reducing their inventory carrying costs.

WELLER just offers supply professional chain services, ensuring the optimization of each step within the chain. These services are available to WELLER customers with or without inventory ownership. By combining WELLERS’ internal competencies in the field of engineering, our supply chain services help our customers to make better, cost-effective decisions.

Comprehensive and Reliable Supply Chain

WELLER has setup a comprehensive supply chain including electronic components, CNC machinery, cable manufacturing&assembly, 3D printing, mold injection, and other accessories industry parts manufacturing, to provide customers with flexibility and adaptability to address customer demand patterns. Working directly with our customers product design and market plan, combined with our direct fulfillment offerings, provide a complete third party logistics support for those clients that require greater levels of flexibility, visibility and responsiveness when it comes to their supply chain requirements.

Direct Fulfillment and Aftermarket Services

WELLER’S direct fulfillment and aftermarket policy are created to complement our comprehensive supply chain, value engineering and manufacturing service offerings in order to provide the client with a global solution for their product supply chain. WELLER delivers finished, fully configured products to our worldwide customers.

Logistics & Aftermarket Services

  • Direct end-user fulfillment services
  • MES monitoring
  • Seamless manufacturing process
  • On-site secure warehouse/depot management
  • Kitting, staging and shipping services
  • Warranty returns management
  • Warranty returns inventory management
  • Field returns management
  • Hot site spares replenishment programs
  • Inventory management services
  • Inventory reporting and analysis
  • Inventory control management
  • Environmental compliance for product disposal and reclamation
  • Measurement and management to customer specified metrics
  • Customs, tariff and logistics support

DFSC Services

DFSC (Design for Supply Chain) “Risk Control Management”

Managing components and suppliers is more critical than ever as obsolescence, counterfeit and non-compliance risks continue to grow and can be categorized within two typical realms:

Proactive versus Reactive​

Reactive approach to obsolescence management depends on taking action when a component event such as the release of a Product Discontinuance Notice (PDN) has already taken effort, informing the original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)of an impending engineering change in the component’s lifecycle. This approach is fraught with potential risk and late information becoming available to the OEM.​

Proactive approach mainly focus on predicting component obsolescence prior to the issuance of the PDN. OEMs using a proactive approach to obsolescence management specifically assign risk grades to each component and have appropriate measures in place to deal with the lifecycle change of a component in the future.

Design For Supply Chain Services

Component Obsolescence Management With Proactive Approaches

Risk Management Analysis Tools And Component Engineering Review

BOM Engineering Review

  • Problematic components identification, such as Obsolete, Single Source, Not Recommended for New Design, End-of-Life, and the years before to End-of-life information of the components.

Component Alternate Sourcing & BOM Cost Reduction

  • Alternates proposal for Obsolete, End-Of-life, Single Source
  • Optimize BoM and providing significant Cost Savings both for existing Product Design and New Product Development.

Obsolescence & Component Availability Management

  • Keeping monitoring Product Change Notification and Component life-cycle (component changes, Obsolescence, and End-of-life), providing the customers first-hand information about the changes affecting existing BOM and design.

Environmental Compliance

  • Ensure the product complies with the latest and updated environmental compliance directives, such as ROHS and REACH, as well as other applicable directives.

Trade/Export Compliance

  • Verify whether the products comply with Conflict Minerals Law (US) by checking each component listed in the BoM are free of Conflict Minerals, as required by the law.

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