Advanced PCB manufacturer

Guidelines to via holes treatment method in PCB design

When you finish your PCB layout design and then you can send it to PCB manufacturers who provide custom circuit board service to have your PCB board manufactured. And, you can plan your final electronic PCB assembly after custom circuit board printing process finished. The engineering flow process before manufacturing electronic PCB Normally, the designer … Continued

Advanced PCB manufacturing

Multilayer PCB stack up design

Introduction PCB stackup is an important factor in determinate the EMC (Electron-Magnetic compatibility) of a electronic product. When we talk about the PCB stack up, we are referring a multi-layer printed circuit board ). A good stack-up can be very helpful in reducing the radiation and the electromagnetic interference from loops on the PCB. On … Continued

China PCB Prototype & Fabrication Manufacturer

How to Choose the Best PCB fabrication Manufacturer

Nowadays,PCB manufacturing is hot competitive, and there is lot of worldwide manufacturing capacity factories for any technology challenge circuit boards. If you’re ready to look for a professional PCB manufacturer for your next project, more or less it can be difficult to determine who is the best option to produce your circuit board. Different PCB fabricators … Continued

Printed circuit board silkscreen design

The guidelines of PCB silkscreen design

Silkscreen is one of important compositions to a complete PCB board fabrication, especially it’s high importance to PCB assembly. What is the PCB silkscreen? The silkscreen is a layer of ink printed on the bare circuit board used to identify the electronic components, Rev. no.#,test points, marks, logos, symbols, etc. Normally it is printed on … Continued


How to specify PCB layer orientation in PCB design.

To perform the correct PCB production of your printed circuit board, it must have a label in the copper of the PCB top and PCB bottom layer, for multilayer PCB additionally on the inner layers. In China, it was once common practice to label the Component Side (assembly side) with BS, and the solder side … Continued


What is the PCB impedance coupons

The brief summary about PCB impedance PCB board with controlled impedance trace is very important for signal transmission quality.Especially for quick switching parts with signal rise times of 1 to 2ns, the signal integrity must be guaranteed through good impedance characteristics in the conductor trace connections. What is the PCB impedance coupons The PCB impedance … Continued


Standard 12 layer PCB stackup options

Our standard 12L layers stackup is the most common options selected by most PCB designers. The standard 12 layer stackup can be utilized in most applications for multilayer PCB board. As a standard option, you can get a variable 12 layer stack up from Weller’s engineering suggestion, which is defined by following : PCB thickness: … Continued


0.4mm fine pitch BGA PCB Design guideline

Nowadays, precise components is widely used in some advanced electronics devices, such as fine pitch FPGA component from Xilinx. But this take extra challenge to PCB designer and PCB manufacturing capability accordingly. Today, we simply discuss the PCB design guideline for 0.4mm fine pith BGA component to facilitate in PCB manufacturing. Standard guideline points: No … Continued

PCB with Embedded Copper Coin technology

What is the PCB embedded copper coin. The PCB embedded copper coin is the copper coin embedded in the PCB Cavity or slot after routing and metalized when finished PCB lamination. PCB and it’s copper coin tightly connected. The purpose of using PCB copper coin embedded technology. The traditional way to dissipate heat in a … Continued

DFM services for PCB fabrication

Importance of Design Rule Check For PCB Manufacturing

The DRC (design rule check) is an in-depth review of your PCB fabrication data, which is carried out by our experienced CAM station engineers before production of your circuit boards even begins. The DRC is an extremely important step in circuit board manufacturing. The customer’s data are verified for manufacturability and for observance of required … Continued

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